How Does Your Solar Energy System Works?

Solar energy systems are technologically advanced and can meet the energy requirements of the largest residents and commercial spaces effortlessly!

This is how solar products light up your space!

Working Principle of a Solar Energy System

A solar power system continuously harnesses the sun’s energy. The photovoltaic cells in the panel absorb radiation energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. With the help of an inverter the harnessed energy (in DC form) can be converted to alternating current. This can then be used by electrical home/office appliances. The energy generated can in fact be stored in a battery storage system for later use.

How Solar Panels Help Harness Sun’s Radiation Energy

When the sunlight falls on the solar panels it creates an electrical field in the photovoltaic cells. This is by the action of the movement of electrons. The electricity generated this way gets transmitted to the inverter where it gets converted to a usable form. It now either gets used by appliances, is stored in a solar battery or is fed back into the grid.

The main components of solar power energy system include:

Panels: The devices that are installed on the roof/available open spaces to collect radiation energy from the sun

Inverters: Converts harnessed direct current into alternating current. This way installed home/office appliances can use these directly

Batteries: Stores the extra units of solar power to be used when the sun goes down or during rainy days

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What Makes up Solar Panels?

Solar products mainly panels are available in two types: polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Depending on your needs, you can opt for any of the two. The main difference in structure is solely based on the type of glass packaging of the PV cell. Made of silicon, these solar products are made with a positive layer and a negative layer.

These together are responsible for creating an electric field. The movement of electrons between these layers is what generates electricity. Energy technologies today are advancing every day to lower electricity grid dependency. Moreover you can even use the extra units of electricity for feed-in tariffs.

It is estimated that 10% of electricity in 2020-21 was generated using this form of energy. If you haven’t made the switch yet, now is the time to. Speak with our experts today to know more!

Residential Systems: Range of residential PV panels that ensure your home is sustainable. These products are cost efficient and run smoothly on green energy!

Commercial Systems: Solutions that make your business more eco-friendly, sustainable and add to monthly savings.

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Range of residential PV panels that ensure your home is sustainable, cost-efficient and runs smoothly on green energy!


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