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Fronius Solar Inverter
Fronius Solar Inverter

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Fronius Solar Inverter

Solar inverters are an important investment if you are planning to lower your dependency on the grid. The Fronius Solar Inverter not only helps inadequate conversion of Dc into AC but also ensures power fluctuations are handled well to prevent equipment damage. It is a European brand that has a presence worldwide. They have an office in Melbourne, Australia. That way you will always have someone from the company to speak with.

The operational temperature for the range of Fronius is in the range of -25°C to 60°C depending on the model you have opted for. The cooling system is fan-based which is smooth and is ideal for year-long use. Additionally, these systems are compatible with a number of solar power systems. 

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The Remarkable Features of Fronius Solar Inverter

The rated AC power output for each of the product ranges is in the bracket of 3000W to 5000W. The maximum continuous output of current ranges from 7A to 21.7A whereas the maximum DC power is in the range of 6000W to 10000W. Efficiency is important for inverters and all the products from the brand falls in the range of 96.1% to 98%. The warrant for all products is 5 years which can be extended to 25 years at additional costs.

The products in the Fronius range are thoughtfully designed to meet the Australian household and business requirements. It is worth mentioning that the operating temperature ranges from  -25°C and goes up to 60°C making it ideal for use in the Australian region.

Available Fronius Solar Inverter Range of Products
  • Fronius Galvo 1.5 – 3.1kW
  • Fronius Primo 3.0 – 8.2kW
  • Fronius Symo 3.0 – 20.0kW

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Bankable Product

The product has an outlet digital display and has a fan-forced active cooling system to prevent overheating.

Reliable and Powerful

With efficiency ranging from 96.1% to 98%, the products from Fronius are worth an investment

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Available Under Schemes

The range of products can be availed through rebates. Speak with our experts today to know more!

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