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Goodwe Inverter
Goodwe Inverter

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GoodWe Inverter

Growatt is a company that’s situated in Shenzhen, China that produces top-notch solar inverters that are revolutionary and has redefined the way it’s harnessed using photovoltaic (PV) systems. The GoodWe inverter can generate an astonishing maximum efficiency of up to 97%, which is considered high in the industry. The device is compatible with any solar power system. 

GoodWe Australia offers a 5 year warranty on most of its products. It is noteworthy that some products may also offer a 20 year warranty without the customer having to pay any extra amount. Their range of products are considered the finest in the industry due to their build and the energy-efficiency they offer to a residential or commercial living space. 

GoodWe Australia presence:

Though the brand has its roots in China, they have a functional office set-up in Australia that can be contacted anytime in case of queries or if looking to add more years to existing warranty. Their office location is important as an indicator of brand’s investment in the country.

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The Remarkable Features of GoodWe Inverter

The product features are incredible in terms of user interface and working efficiency. The built-in software can let the user increase the voltage to a higher end of 270V. But if the system is being run in the default (regular time of operation), if the voltage reaches 262V, the software takes charge to shut the voltage down, allowing the system to reach its lowest voltage working range. This is an incredible feature that further adds to the safety of the machine.

The brand offers string solar inverters that have a power range between 1.5kW and 80kW. Furthermore, the brand also makes single-phase and 3-phase inverters that can be used for energy storage or consumption purposes. The inverter sizes for this brand are thus in the range of 0.7kW to 250kW. The range is for both, single phase as well as 3-phase type inverters

Available GoodWe Inverter Range of Products
  • GoodWe XS Series 0.7-3kW
  • GoodWe DNS Series 3-5kW
  • GoodWe EH Series 3.6-6kW
  • GoodWe SDT Series 5-10, 15 & (DT) 20kW
  • GoodWe SDT G2 Series 4-6kW
  • GoodWe MS Series 5-10kW
  • Goodwe SMT Series 25-36 kw
  • Goodwe MT Series 50-80 kw
  • Storage Inverters including ES, EM, SBP, EH, ET series

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Heatwave Solar is an Official GoodWe Inverter Installer in Australia

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Bankable Product

The brand offers an incredible efficiency of 97% (maximum) ensuring your household or commercial space electricity needs are being met to the fullest potential.

Reliable and Powerful

The software voltage management system is incredible in ensuring maximum voltage operating range is maintained at all times.

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Available Under Schemes

The brand has an office in Australia. You can avail GoodWe inverter range of products under various available schemes and incentives.