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Jinko Solar Panel
Jinko Solar Panel

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Jinko Solar Panel

JinkoSolar is a Shanghai, China-based solar panel manufacturers. It has made a name for itself in the industry for its top-quality, durable and reliable manufacturing solutions. In 2018, the company became the largest manufacturer of PV cells in the world. 

This brand is covered under the majority of rebates and schemes. As a tier 1 brand worldwide, JinkoSolar solar PV system offers incredible warranty, services and energy efficiency. All this while being incredibly affordable for users.

The company offers a plethora of PV cells with popular ones being the Cheetah Series and Tiger Series (graded premium). These have an edge over others in terms of technology advancements and warranties offered. The brand has been a top performer in quality & customer satisfaction.

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JinkoSolar: Features that Makes this Brand a Favourite Worldwide

Known for its high performance and cost-effectiveness, Jinko is a favourite in Australia for residential as well as commercial installation. While the brand exclusively involves itself in building durable and aesthetically-pleasing products, the service quality is unmatched.

The brand has production facilities in various parts of the world. Additionally, the company has its own office in the country making it easier to have direct interactions with authorities whenever needed.


Available JinkoSolar Series

Swan Bifacial Series (HC 60M and HC 72M)

Cheetah Series (60, 72V, HC 60, HC 72 V)

Eagle Series (60, 72, PERC 60, PERC 72, Eagle MX, Eagle SE)

Tiger Series (66, 78, Monofacial, Bifacial, All Black, P-type, N-type)

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Unmatched Efficiency

The efficiency for the products ranges from 19% to 21.5%. Additionally, the degradation of the module with mass production is significantly low. Ensuring the setup is always performing at its best possible potential

Reliable and Powerful

Known for creating smart & advanced products, the Jinko solar panels have an integrated DC optimiser. These optimisers are responsible for reducing losses that could be from shading, soiling or any other conditions

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Guaranteed Savings

The brand offers a 12-year warranty on its products. Whereas some products come with 20 years of warranty as well. They have an office in the country as well that makes sure you are always in contact with the company

The brand is available through solar rebates. Looking to install a JinkoSolar? Spek with our experts today!

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