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How Does Solar Power Energy Work?

The solar power system includes panels and an inverter that is responsible for generating & converting electricity for running electrical appliances. In the presence of the sun the PV panels capture photons from the sun’s radiation energy. The PV cells are responsible for converting sunlight into electrical energy.

The photon is a cluster of electromagnetic energy that is then converted to electricity through the inverter by virtue of silicon and conductors present in the PV panels. The electrical appliances in a home or in a business work on alternating current, whereas the energy captured by the panels are in direct current. This is why an inverter is a must for a system to work at full capacity.

Note that the units of electricity that are not used are either sent to the electricity grid or are stored in a solar battery.

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Here's How Solar Power Works in Australia

There are three main ways solar energy can be utilised for energy generation purposes in any part of Australia. The rebates differ from state to state, if you are living in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane (or anywhere else in Australia). This is how you can expect renewable energy systems to work for you.

The grid-connected system: If you are not planning on investing in a solar battery you will be required to buy electricity from the grid during night hours or when it’s cloudy. This is where a solar inverter can help in smart energy consumption as it uses all the available energy before switching to the grid. Therefore you will be spending more time utilising the energy harnessed by the solar power energy system.

It is noteworthy that these systems allow you to sell unutilised power back to the grid. It is recommended to keep the grid-connected for emergencies.

Hybrid solar systems: These systems are advanced. Paired with a grid connection is a solar battery that effectively stores electricity as produced by the PV cells. This enables the living space to have power during night times or when it’s cloudy. With an extendable warranty of 10 to 20 years, these devices are sturdy and meant to cover energy consumption patterns without hassles.

Off-grid systems: These systems are self-reliant & make use of solar panels and batteries to power up a living or a workspace. These systems can work for 24 hours while being completely independent of a grid connection. It is an economically sound and environment-friendly switch.

Even if your business has small scale needs, there are various types of solar power systems available to help make an eco-friendly switch.

Other Ways To Lower Power Bills

There are multiple more ways you can lower your energy bills. While solar PV systems are a great way to go sustainable, here are other steps you can do that will save you money in the long run!

  • Consider installing an electric hot water system
  • Invest in a swimming pool pump
  • Opt for a heating system that’s under floor
  • Invest in devices that can help identify when power consumption is highest

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PV Panels

The sun’s energy is an incredibly powerful source that can be harnessed using modern day technologies. With years of experience and familiarity with Australian weather conditions we recommend reliable products. All recommendations can withstand weather changes while meeting your energy needs!


Power generated by the panels can be stored in the battery storage system. This power can then be utilised at any time when the sun’s energy is not available (cloudy days, nights or power outages). Additionally, the battery makes your household or your office space free from electricity grid dependency and immune to electricity costs spikes!

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Inverters are important to help convert the direct current produced by panels into a usable form of electric current. This can be utilised by electrical appliances at home. Additionally, the inverters keep your appliances safe by preventing a sudden spike in the current supply.

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