Why Solar Power Australia?

Australia aims to become emission-free in the coming years. We are the flag bearer for leading eco-friendly power generation leaders!

Power up your living space with solar & save big on electricity bills!

The Endless Benefits of Solar Energy in Australia!

This renewable form of energy is popular and widely supported by the government. With incentives offering solar power systems at $0 interest-free loans, you are always one step away from going solar!

Heatwave Solar offers solar power solutions that are tailored to fit your energy requirements & significantly reduce your carbon footprint annually. By installing solar panels, battery storage systems and inverters your dependency on electricity grids reduced.

Reasons to Go Solar!

The sun’s energy is infinite. It is estimated that around 1.74 x 1017 watts of energy is hitting our planet for hours per day. By utilising this energy, your household/business is becoming independent from fossil fuel dependency. Contributing to a greener tomorrow.

  • Lowers carbon footprint: Zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reliable and eco-friendly: Causes no pollution while absorbing and utilising the sun’s energy
  • Clean and green: Doesn’t contribute to global warming
  • Available in abundance: There’s no limit and you can use & store this form of power

Our Range of Products

Solar Power Australia for
Residential & Commercial Needs

This continent receives the highest and the longest solar radiation per metre square. Which is incredible for harnessing the sun’s renewable energy. Moreover Australia has some of the best available PV systems. These have helped homes and businesses utilise solar energy to their best benefit.

It is estimated that 10% of electricity generated in 2020-21 was from using solar energy systems. If you haven’t made the switch yet, now is the time to. Get an obligation free quote today! 

Residential Systems: Range of residential solar photovoltaic panels that ensure your home is sustainable. These products are cost-efficient and run smoothly on green energy!

Commercial Systems: Solutions that make your business more eco-friendly, sustainable and add to monthly savings.

Small Houses

5 kW

Medium Houses

Silver Package

6.6 kW

Large Houses

9.9 kW

Residential and Commercial Product Ranges that are Sure to Meet Your Expectations!

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Residential Systems

Range of residential PV panels that ensure your home is sustainable, cost-efficient and runs smoothly on green energy!


Commercial Systems

Solutions that make your business more eco-friendly, sustainable and add to monthly savings.

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