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Growatt Inverter
Growatt Inverter

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Growatt Inverter

Growatt is a China-based company that is known for its high-quality range of products and services.  They have a massive working range of products that varies from  2.5kW to 6.0kW. Additionally, their range of products covers both, residential as well as commercial needs. They also offer products to fit on and off-grid applications.

The brand has an extensive range of smart home energy management systems that are compatible with existing systems. The inverters are high in efficiency and can easily light up living space of any size. In case needed, you can even opt for string inverters to maximise off-grid dependency. 

The brand specialises in making advanced and practical monitoring systems. Aside from that, they also make electric vehicle chagrin pile BUs. Their range of inverters come in two types; string inverters and central inverters. The range of working for these vary from 1kW to 1.26MW depending on which system is in use. It is noteworthy that their annual production capacity is at 3.6GW

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The Remarkable Features of Growatt Inverter

Their range of products has an efficiency range between 95% to 98%, which is on the higher end in the industry. Their products offer a minimum 10-year warranty on all inverter ranges. Their extra light in weight installation systems come with wireless monitoring systems that are great since you won’t have to be around the system to understand how efficiently power is being utilised. It is worth noting that the reactive power range of a 3-phase inverter is in the range of  10kW-20kW.

Available Growatt Inverter Range of Products
  • TL-X (2500~6000) Series
  • Growatt MIC (750~3300) TL-X Series
  • Hybrid SPH (3000-6000) Series

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Bankable Product

High in efficiency and effectiveness, these inverters can work in the efficiency range of 95% to 98% which is considered higher in the industry.

Reliable and Powerful

The products are made to fit today's everyday energy consumption needs. The brand offers a 3-phase build and a wide range of capacities.

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Available Under Schemes

The brand has an office in Australia. You can avail Growatt inverter range of products under various available schemes and solar rebates.

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