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With the aim to offer flagship services that are at par with current industry standards, we are always with you in making sustainable and green decisions. Over years of experience and expertise in identifying the best in class products, we are able to recommend products that met your energy needs.

Additionally, we work with available solar panel rebate Melbourne options to ensure that you are saving more during the initial investment and purchases. We offer services that ensure your property gets the best available power systems.

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PV Panels

The sun’s energy is an incredibly powerful source that can be harnessed using modern-day technologies. With years of experience and familiarity with Australian weather conditions, we recommend reliable products that can withstand weather changes while meeting your energy needs!


Power generated by the panels can be stored in the battery system and can be harnessed at any time when the sun’s energy is not available (cloudy days, nights or power outages). Additionally, the battery makes your household or your office space free from grid dependency!

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Inverters are important to help convert the direct current produced by panels into a usable form of electric current that can be utilised by electrical appliances at home. Additionally, the inverters keep your appliances safe by preventing a sudden spike in the current supply.

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The Australian government aims at significantly lowering emissions in the coming year and we are always on the move to ensure that you are on board with schemes that your residential or commercial space can adapt to.

We are highly recommended and quoted the best solar installers in Melbourne by our clients. Our range of products come in a varying range of sizes and energy capacities. We offer competitive prices and are always in line with the Victorian Solar Homes Initiative.

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There are endless benefits of going solar in Australia. While the renewable source of energy not only empowers living spaces it also lowers grid dependency. Moreover, with each state offering a rebate of its own, going green has become easy and affordable.

The Endless Benefits of Solar Energy in Australia:

  • Is a renewable source of energy that reduces carbon footprint and the greenhouse effect
  • Significantly guards against rising electricity prices
  • Incases value of the property as there’s not much need to pay for electricity
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Warranty on every product ranges from 5 to 25 years
  • Peace of mind as the systems can work under high-temperature conditions
  • Energy-efficiency guaranteed
  • You can even store units of charge that’s not immediately consumed for later use
  • Earn through off-grid tariff

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