Sungrow Hybrid Inverter

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Sungrow Hybrid Inverter
Sungrow Hybrid Inverter

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Sungrow Hybrid Solar Inverter

Sungrow Hybrid is a Chinese company that manufactures high-quality and impactful inverters that can help residents and commercial spaces to save big on power bills. The inverters from the brand come in a range of series. Prices for these products are highly competitive when compared with others in the line and you can avail this brand under various available government rebates. 

There are various available series including the S series that has a single MPPT, the D series that has dual MPPT. Both come with an LCD display. The TL-D series doesn’t have a display but is dual MPPT and offers dual strings option. The warranty on the products varies and if you are planning to buy one, it is best to speak with our experts before making the final call.

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The Remarkable Features of Sungrow Hybrid Solar Inverter

SG Residential Solar Inverters: Second biggest selling solar inverter in Australia. Lightweight product with a wide MPPT voltage range and also has WiFi connectivity. The product has three variations to fit any household or commercial needs

CX Commercial Solar Inverters: Available in 33kW, 40kW and 50kW string inverter range. Also has a 110kW model available. The features are wide and even offer a built-in DC isolator, PID recovery function, IP66 with C5 anti-corrosion feature and more!

Sungrow Energy Storage Solutions: This is a 3-phase residential hybrid inverter. Is identified as a utility-scale solar energy storage systems

This brand makes dedicated products that effortlessly offer energy consumption solutions. Depending on your need and energy consumption patterns, you can utilise the functionality of these inverters.

Available Sungrow Hybrid Inverter Range of Products
  • SG Premium is a residential solar inverter that is a single-phase
  • SG-CX range is ideal for commercial inverters that have a 3-phase functioning
  • SH5K-30 is a residential hybrid inverter that is a single-phase
  • SH-RT is a residential hybrid inverter that’s new and is a 3-Phase
  • SH-RS is a residential hybrid inverter that’s new and is single-phase

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