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Alpha ESS
Alpha ESS

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Alpha ESS

The brand makes solar batteries that are powerful enough to meet a residential or a commercial space’s energy requirements with ease. Their product’s output power can be in the range of 5000 W and have a capacity range of 2.9kWh for residential whereas, for commercial batteries, it can be as much as 60.6kWh. It is a Chinese company that started manufacturing high-quality and affordable solar batteries in 2011.

Available LG Chem Products

  • LG Chem RESU10H-R – 2017 (Gen 2)
  • LG Chem RESU10H-C – 2017 (Gen 2)
  • LG Chem RESU 10H Prime – 2021 (Gen 3)
  • LG CHEM RESU 16H Prime – 2021 (Gen 3)

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The Remarkable Features of Alpha ESS

The solar battery is made up of lithium iron phosphate (for cathode) and Carbon (for the anode). This makes these batteries safer for residential and commercial uses. These products are affordable, super compatible and can meet all your energy storage needs. The capacity of residential solar batteries ranges from 2.9kWh, 5.7kWh and 10.1kWh whereas for commercial the capacity is at 60.6kWh.

The product can very well integrate with new connections as well as retrofits making this a top choice for people who are looking to change their existing systems. They have multiple operation modes to meet seasonal changes in power demands.

Available Alpha ESS Products
  • Alpha ESS SMILE B3 3kW AC coupled inverter with 5.8kWh Li-ion battery
  • Rated power: 3,000 W
  • Type of battery used: Lithium iron phosphate
  • Nominal energy: 5800 W
  • Voltage range: 48 V
  • The maximum rate of charge: 2865 W
  • The maximum rate of discharge: 2865 W

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Alpha ESS is known to provide affordable and high-quality batteries for residential and commercial spaces. You are guaranteed to experience savings in your electricity bills

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These systems are made using latest developments in technology and can power up living spaces while accurately meeting everyday energy consumption patterns

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Available Under Schemes

Alpha ESS is an appreciated brand in Australia known for its power and durability. Their products are available under government schemes and rebates

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