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Tesla Batteries
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Tesla Solar Battery

Tesla started its venture into the solar industry in the year 2015. They are known for their technological advancements and high-quality products. They offer both residential and commercial products. Their prices had seen fluctuations in the past few years but now have been normalized to make the products more available. The latest model Tesla Powerwall 2 is an AC coupled battery that has blackout protection, off-grid function and backup feature. 

The current model Tesla Powerwall 2 has a useable capacity of 13.5 kWh. The power during the usual time of the day is at 5kW and is at 7kW at the peak. The product has a 10 year warranty and even has an unlimited cycle warranty under certain conditions. 

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The Remarkable Features of Tesla Powerwall

The product has an advanced liquid thermal management system that enables the system to work under -20 to +50°C temperature range. The useable storage capacity of the product is 13.5kWh, the maximum solar capacity is at 12.9kW. The on-grid rating is 5.8kW when in continuous use and during peak hours, it can reach up to 7.6kW. The off-grid rating whereas at 7kW when the supply is continuous and 10kW during peak hours. 

Available Tesla Powerwall Range of Products
  • Powerwall 1 (discontinued) – 6.4kWh capacity
  • Powerwall 2 – 13.5 (usable) kWh
  • Powerwall+ (includes integrated solar inverter) – 13.5 (usable) kWh

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