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Our prices are competitive & every product recommendation is made after understanding your energy consumption pattern analysis and paired with government schemes.

With us you get systems that are meant for your living space. These products come with the highest product warranties in the industry.

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We always thrive to help you make a sustainable choice. We are thorough with government schemes, rebates and incentives, this way you always are on the money saver side. 

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Our Range of Products

Your Household/Office has
Different Energy Needs

Our vision is to brighten up your living space with the power of the sun. While the mission is to supply only the highest rated products at affordable prices. Find devices that will save money while making the planet greener. 

Keeping the current global situation in mind; solar power is an easy way to help save the environment. Thanks to the various available schemes, you can travel the pathway to lower emission rates. Been looking for solar power companies? Speak with our expert today and find more!

Residential Systems: Range of residential solar Photovoltaic panels that ensure your home is sustainable. These products are cost-efficient and run smoothly on green energy!

Commercial Systems: Solutions that make your business more eco-friendly, sustainable and add to monthly savings.

Small Houses

5 kW

Medium Houses

Silver Package

6.6 kW

Large Houses

9.9 kW

Residential and Commercial Product Ranges that are Sure to Meet Your Expectations!

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Get incredible product recommendations, 360-degree assistance and hassle-free installations.

Residential Systems

Range of residential PV panels that ensure your home is sustainable, cost-efficient and runs smoothly on green energy!


Commercial Systems

Solutions that make your business more eco-friendly, sustainable and add to monthly savings.

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Going green shouldn’t be a hassle. We work with government guidelines, rebates, incentives & schemes to provide the best solutions to you.

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