Canadian Solar Panels in Australia

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Canadian Solar Panels
Canadian Solar Panels

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Canadian Solar Panels

This Chinese-Canadian PV heavyweight solar panel company is known for its high capacity and technologically advanced build. Founded in Ontario, Canada in 2001, the brand is a Tier-1 solar company.

They have been serving the Australian population for years now. Marked as an industry-leading R&D company with the highest module quality. The popularity is due to their stable operations and a 2-3 rating for reliability in solar.

The module capacity is in the range of 23.9 GW with a cell capacity of 13.9 GW. The company examines the supply across Australia to ensure that quality and service standards are maintained as per the industry standards. Their products are available through many incentives and rebates available across the country.

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Canadian Solar Australia Features

These PV panels can work at efficiency in the range of 15.88% to 20.60%. These products are highly recommended by users for their reliability and from a price point of view. The utility-scale of these products is high.

The company has eight completely owned manufacturing subsidiaries. These subsidiaries have a 6.3 GWp of cell capacity whereas the module capacity is at 9.81 GWp. They have till now installed 27 GW in as many as 100 countries.

The Canadian Solar Australia solar panels come with a 25-year warranty. These panels are compatible with solar battery systems and inverters.

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Available Canadian Solar Power System
  • BiHiKu7 (Bifacial High Power Dual Cell PERC Module)
  • HiKu7 (High Power Dual Cell PERC Module)
  • BiHiKu6 (Bifacial High Power Dual Cell PERC Module)
  • HiKu6 (High Power Dual Cell PERC Module)
  • HiHero (High-Efficiency Heterojunction (HJT) Cell Module)
  • BiHiKu (Bifacial High Power Dual Cell PERC Module (Poly & Mono)
  • HiKu (High Power Dual Cell PERC Module (Poly & Mono)
  • HiDM5 (High-Density Shingle PERC Module (Mono)
  • HiDM (High-Density Shingle PERC Module (Mono)
  • All-Black All-Black – Black Backsheet & Frame (Mono)

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Heatwave Solar is an Official Canadian Solar Panel Provider in Australia

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Unmatched Efficiency

The efficiency for this brand varies between 15.88% to 20.60%. The product can conveniently empower a home or a medium to small size business. The operation is smooth and seamless

Reliable and Powerful

The product is a combination of technology, reliability and performance. With a 25-year warranty this product is highly effective and energy-efficient in all regards

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Guaranteed Savings

Being provided as a part of many government schemes and incentives, this brand is definitely a worthy investment. With an office in Australia you will always have someone to speak with.

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