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The Australian government is aiming at a greener and emission-free country in the coming years. The government has been running various schemes and rebates that make PV energy systems affordable for households and businesses. Additionally state governments of ACT, QLD, NSW and VIC have announced various solar PV panel rebate options for residential & commercial uses.

It is worth noting that offerings of these incentives differ from state to state which means the benefits and inclusions of the solar rebates in South Australia will differ from that of solar rebate Queensland. If you are looking to claim your interest in these schemes, speak with our experts today!

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The Endless Benefits of Claiming a Solar Panel Rebate VIC

The eligibility for solar rebates in Australian states differ but the benefits to be experienced are the same. A household or a business can own high quality and durable solar products at affordable & cheaper rates. Aside from this, these incentives offer a 0% or an interest free loan, making it incredibly easy on the pocket to go solar.

The installed power system enables a residential or commercial space to generate the power that will be used for running appliances as needed. By installing batteries and inverters, these spaces also get the option to effectively store the extra units & use them as needed.

There are various solar rebates available:

ACT:  The Government is presently offering a solar panel incentive exclusively for pensioners. Additionally eligible residential spaces can claim up to 50% off in rebates on their solar energy systems.

Aside from that they also get an interest free loan to claim. This loan is to be paid back over a period of 3 years. No deposit required in order to qualify for this scheme in the ACT.

QLD: The Queensland government was initially offering interest free loans as well for solar panels rebates and various other storage schemes. Right now no schemes are in circulation. 

NSW: The New South Wales government is offering their very own Empowering Homes program wherein interest-free loans will be provided for solar battery storage systems. This is an NSW government incentive.

This can be claimed by eligible residential spaces in NSW. The available fund ranges from $9000 for a battery system and up to $14,000 for solar panels & battery systems. 

VIC: The solar panel rebate VIC offers a rebate of $1,850 to eligible residential spaces with the intention to install solar panels. A similar amount rebate is also available for renters who are looking to add more to savings. Small Scale Technology Certificates are popular in Victoria

The amount of rebate that can be claimed varies depending on the revisions the government makes. Be sure to check with our experts before making a claim.

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PV Panels

The sun’s energy is an incredibly powerful source that can be harnessed using modern day technologies. With years of experience and familiarity with Australian weather conditions we recommend reliable products. All recommendations can withstand weather changes while meeting your energy needs!


Power generated by the panels can be stored in the battery storage system. This power can then be utilised at any time when the sun’s energy is not available (cloudy days, nights or power outages). Additionally, the battery makes your household or your office space free from electricity grid dependency and immune to electricity costs spikes!

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Inverters are important to help convert the direct current produced by panels into a usable form of electric current. This can be utilised by electrical appliances at home. Additionally the inverters keep your appliances safe by preventing a sudden spike in the current supply.

All our range of products is backed by government financial incentives and rebates These schemes can be claimed by owner-occupiers. Claim your interest today!

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