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Q Cell Solar Panel
Q Cell Solar Panel

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Q Cells Solar Panels

Q Cells is a Seoul, South Korea-based Tier-1 company that manufactures high-quality solar power systems while making sure the products are in the affordable bracket. The products are of the highest quality and the installation will adequately meet your energy consumption requirements.

This brand is available through various schemes and incentives. The products are made using high-quality material and the products are fully vertically integrated.

The company is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and is continuously taking steps to ensure cutting edge technology and superior product grade. With an efficiency of more than 80%, their range of products is sure to help save more on energy bills.

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Q Cells: Key Efficiency Features

Q Cells makes products that are fit for varying energy requirements. The efficiency ranges from 17.1% to 20.6% making them a mid-range solar panel that can easily power up a home and a medium to small-sized business.

It is worth noting that the efficiency of a solar panel past 18% is considered high. These panels are easy to install and yield higher efficiency. These solar modules have an incredible performance index in the industry and ensure electricity grid independence.


Available Q Cells Range of Products

Q Peak Duo BLK ML-G9 AC

Q Peak Duo BLK ML-G9+AC

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Unmatched Efficiency

These products are phenomenal when it comes to efficiency. Considering the wide product range of products the brand sells, the efficiency per series can vary from anywhere between 20.3% to 27.1%

Reliable and Powerful

Known for manufacturing highly reliable and energy-efficient power systems. Their high-performance vertical panels meet your everyday energy requirements.

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Guaranteed Savings

Covered under federal government solar rebates, these PV cells not only fit within your budget but also have an amazing ROI as they significantly reduce your power bills

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